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Conference Agenda


Guided by
Shenzhen Municipal People's Government
Information and Communications Development Department, MIIT

Data Center Alliance 
E. J. Krause & Associates, Inc.  
EKON Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Special Joint Organizers:
Japan Data Center Association
Europe Data Center Association

Joint Organizer:
Questex Media

Shenzhen Big Data Research and Development Association
Shenzhen Mobile Communications Association

Strategic Cooperation Partner:
Asia Pacific Cloud Apps Alliance

TGG (China)
National Supercomputing Center in Shenzhen
National Supercomputing Center in Guangzhou

EKON Exhibition Co., Ltd.
E. J. Krause & Associates, Inc.

The Asian-wide international conference is held in March, Shenzhen, China
The most authoritative international forum with highest commercial value
What event is being held here? 

It is a gathering for seeking commercial opportunities. This is Asia's most innovative and influential event.
From the data center design, planning, construction management, to technical innovation and development, participants will listen and view the most advanced technology presentations with high commercialvalue.When the industry leaders cometogether to discuss key strategic issues, they will bring in unrivalled new ideas and creativity for data center development in China and Asia. 

Forum topics will cover: data security, storage, power supply, network security, energy-saving, construction design, cloud computing, big data applications.  To seek for solutions and vital information, this forum is an ideal venue for you to attend.  From here you will reap abundant benefits.

Through keynote speeches, case analysis, panel discussion, this series meetings on data center development will demonstrate and explore the optimum performance and technology revolution in the data center industry from the perspectives of safety and risk, IT and networking, construction and strategy, application software and clouds, key environment factors, and so on. Meanwhile, the leaders and experts from all IDC sectors, including design institutes, colleges and universities, operation and service companies, manufacture enterprises, will be invited to introduce their progress in technology, to share their solutions and experiences in data center work, and to give their outlook about the future development and new application concepts; thus facilitating and achieving the effective and substantial cooperation among the participants at the event. 

Over 1000 people are expected to attend the event.  Delegates are from government departments, enterprise data center users, operators, outsourcing service providers, engineering and design companies, solution providersfor infrastructure construction, IT service providers, cloud solutions service providers, and various research institutions and industry associations.

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+1 (301) 493-5500 (USA)
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